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Depending on what kind of a service you need and how fast you need your shipment to be delivered, the GDA offers you the below products to serve your express shipping needs. 

Priority Express:

If you are looking for a fast, reliable and cost effective way to send your urgent documents and letters, Priority Express is what you are looking for!
You can choose Priority Letter Express to send your documents which have a maximum weight of 500 grams, or Priority Document Express for documents which have a weight greater than 500 grams.
When you have a parcel to send which contains non document material Priority Parcel Express is the product for you.

Deferred & Ground Express:

If speed is not a main factor for your shipping needs, the Deferred Express product is a good choice to use for your document and non document shipments.
Another product is offer by the GDA which is also effective when speed is not a factor called Ground Express, for your document shipments you can ask for the Ground Document Express and for your parcels; Ground Parcel Express is available to serve you, Ground express has a slower transit time service than Priority and Deferred.;

Ecommerce Product:

is a slower transit time service customized for E-Commerce Shippers